Screen Resolution Simulator Tool

160x160 Pixels
320x320 Pixels
640x480 Pixels
800x600 Pixels
1024x768 Pixels
1152x864 Pixels
1600x1200 Pixels

About Screen Resolution Simulator Tool

The same website can look fabulous and work flawlessly on one computer, but look like a mess and be difficult to navigate on another. Unfortunately, websites aren’t one-size-fits-all, and usually the culprit when this issue comes up is screen resolution. Screen resolution refers to the number of pixels that your screen is displaying. For example, if you have a screen resolution of 800×600, 800 pixels is the width and 600 pixels is the height. The higher the resolution, the more information will fit on your computer screen. But it also means that the higher the resolution, the smaller the content will appear on your screen. This Screen Resolution Simulator Tool resizes the browser window for developers to view their websites in different screen resolutions. Enter the URL of your web page and then choose the resolution you want to try and click on ‘Simulate’ button.